Our philosophy is to have a positive, can do attitude, to be FRIENDLY
with everyone, to stay FOCUSED in everything that we do and to use
our creativity and passion for excellence to ensure that we are as

FLEXIBLE as possible in our decisions.
We also aim to ALWAYS have
FUN, after all we work for a company
‘Where the Fun never ends’.

Your exclusive dollar based slot machines step into a world of pure elegance, within this exclusive environment let our hospitable hosts take care of all your needs. Secluded for the true VIP experience and designed for the most premium customers, with a fully stocked bar and tantalizing food let us take your senses on an adventure.



17:00 PM - 05:00 AM


Hot Slots designed to be the first live training environment in East Africa for staff and players, with low minimums consisting of 2 American Roulette, 1 Tie Poker and 1 Blackjack tables. It also boasts a wide range of new and classic slot machines including its very own multi-level floor wide Mystery Jackpots. Hot Slots as all the thrills of the full casino experience combined with the learning experience for first timers.




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